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Rogner Hotel Tirana: A part of Albania’s recent history

A sheep pasture and a vision

In the early 1990ies, just after the birth of the new state of Albania, Robert Rogner, creative Austrian builder, visionary and entrepreneur decided to invest in the young republic. A sheep pasture, close to the President’s office in Tirana, became the biggest building site of the town. Kommerzialrat Robert Rogner, founder of Rogner International, once again started building a bridge to a place that had been out of reach until then.

Due to the poor economic situation and resources all the necessary construction materials, machines and expertise had to be shipped into Albania via Trieste. 120 Albanian workers and employees were especially trained in Austrian technical colleges to build the first hotel according to international standards. In 1995 the first guests could be welcomed in the Rogner Hotel Tirana.

Robert Rogner’s economic initiative and his great commitment to the country has made him an esteemed friend of Albanian society and he has become Honorary Consul of Albania.

Before 1995, when Rogner Hotel Tirana wasn't build.

   Before 1995, when Rogner Hotel Tirana wasn't built yet.


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