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Our green world

Dive into Rogner's vision of life in harmony with nature

Living in harmony with nature

At Rogner Hotel we take serious actions to minimize the impact on environment. This is done through a well-planned and maintained management system.

With our natural world affected by substantive global change, we have an even greater obligation to operate responsibly. It is in the core of ROGNER philosophy living in harmony with nature. Rogner Hotel Tirana – “The garden hotel” offers 25.000 sqm2 of green areas with diverse vegetation.

While integrating sustainability efforts across our hotel, we are working to reduce our environmental impact, operating and sourcing responsibly.

Photo-voltaic Panels

Currently we have invested in photo-voltaic panels to deliver exceptional and indigenous service to all of our guests and clients while maintaining responsible sustainability practices. Our installation of 120-kilowatt(kW) solar energy panels are just one of the steps recently taken to increase our efforts to generate clean, reliable power for the hotel. In a year, a total output of 5,4 MW of electricity was generated, which means we have avoided 134 tons of CO2 in the nature, equivalent to the work of 3442 trees.




Solar Panels

At Rogner Hotel solar panels are strategically installed since 2001, to harness the sun’s energy and reduce overall reliance on traditional energy sources. The system using 210m² solar panels meets the hotel’s year-round high demand for hot tap water with a sustainable and positive business case, cutting down operational costs.





Water Consumption

For sustainable water usage we provide products and services that reduce water consumption. All taps and showerheads have water-saving filters that mix water with air. This in no ways affects the gusts’ water-using experience. The rainwater is collected in a fountain outside in the garden and then used for watering. For better performance in reducing wastewater and chemicals poured in the sewerage, the hotel has introduced to the guest room a notification regarding towels, which would not be changed unless they are put on the ground by the guest.

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