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Robert Rogner Celebrates 80th birthday

Robert Rogner was born on May 10, 1941, in Aich (municipality of Velden) in Carinthia. At that time nobody could have guessed that the poor boy from Aich would become a star among Europe's construction companies. Pioneering spirit, courage and extraordinary visions write his success story. Marked by the days of his childhood, Robert Rogner learned: you have to fight for your visions and dreams. But what you should never forget are the people around you. Rogner not only sets structural and economic accents in countless countries. Above all, it also sets social standards.Robert Rogner received numerous awards. Among other things, the Great Gold Medal of Honor of the State of Carinthia , the Great Medal of Honor of the State of Lower Austria , the Great Gold Medal of Honor of the State of Styria and the Great Medal of Honor for Services to the Republic of Austria , furthermore he was awarded the professional title of Commercial Councilor .



Earthquake Charity

In the earthquake that struck Albania on November 26, many Albanian families had serious consequences. KR Robert Rogner did not remain indifferent this time either, but without hesitation offered his help to one of the most affected families by the earthquake. The Kola family,  from the village "Peze e Madhe" was selected as a beneficiary family and was invited by the hotel management to stay for several months in the hotel. Robert Rogner provided for Alma and her children a new home in Tirana and a stable job for her that will enable this family to live a normal life now on. 



A special event, dedicated to Rogner Hotel business partners, hotel guests and friend, in order to express our gratitude toward their loyalty during these 24 years together.

With a special attendance of the founder and owner of Rogner Hotel, KR Robert Rogner, we were able to once again show our Albanian-Austrian hospitality.  

The President of Austria visits Rogner Hotel Tirana

His Excellency, Austrian President, Dr. Heinz Fischer & the owner of Rogner Hotel Tirana Kommerzialrat Robert Rogner.

Gold Award

The ceremony for Authentic Albania awards, where Rogner Hotel Tirana won the GOLD AWARD!


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