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General Terms and Conditions of Rogner International Hotels & Resorts

1.Conclusion of the contract 

1.1. According to the following terms and conditions the contract becomes effective as soon as the room/rooms, locations, or other supplies and services have been ordered and confirmed. Time permitting, the hotel will acknowledge the guest's reservation and ask for reconfirmation. If reservations are made with the Rogner International reservation office, the custumer receives a reservation number by phone, or on request, and time permitting, by mail. If deposits requested by the hotel are not paid by the given date, the agreement is no longer valid. 

1.2. If the customer is a full merchant, he is liable for all contracted obligations together with those of the guests/participants he has registered. 

1.3. If the content of the confirmed reservation differs from the registration, the former becomes binding for both guest and hotel, unless the guest raises protest upon receipt of the confirmed reservation.

2.Arrival and departure 

2.1. Hotels Without prior written agreement stating otherwise, check-in time on the day of arrival is not possible before 4.00 pm and check-out time on the day of departure is not later than 11.00 am. If departure is planned after 11 am guests must notify the reception On hotel agreement and subject to availability, 50% of the room rate will be charged for day use up to 6 pm. If rooms are occupied after 6 pm full rate will be charged. Reservations are held until 6.00 pm on the date of arrival. Without prior notice stating otherwise, the hotel may then reallocate the rooms. This is not valid for reservations guaranteed by advance payments, vouchers or credit card transactions made through businesses recognised by the hotel. 

2.2. Holiday apartments Check-in for holiday apartments is 5.00 pm, check-out on the day of departure 10.00 am at the latest. Guests staying in their apartments after 10.00 am with the hotels authorization, will be charged half a day's rate for check-out before 6.00 pm and a total day's rate for check-out after 6.00.

3.Services and rates 

3.1. The services stipulated by the contract are quoted in the confirmed reservation and the brochure description. 

3.2 Full board arrangements normally start with lunch on the guest's first day and end with breakfast on his last day. In case the arrangement starts with dinner, it ends with lunch on the day of departure. Half board arrangements usually include dinner. 

3.3. Contracted, but not consumed services, are neither refunded nor does this reduce rates. 

3.4. Offer liability 

3.4.1. The quoted catalogue, that is, list rates are end prices, including service tips and value added tax (VAT). 

3.4.2. Rates are subject to change without prior notice due to tax increases.


4.1. Unless otherwise stated, Rogner International is entitled to require the guest to pay the total price agreed at the time of confirming the reservation. 

4.2. In the case of accommodation for periods exceeding 3 days, Rogner International is entitled to request payments on account. 

4.3. Delays in payment entitle Rogner International to refusal of further contractual services as well as to cancellation of agreements on future services. Moreover, as in the case of cancellation of contract by the guest, Rogner International is entitled to claim compensation for the financial loss incurred. 

4.4. In as far as advance payments have not already been made, all outstanding costs are due for payment in the hotel on the day of departure. 

4.5.Location of payment is the hotel's registered office, even when outstanding debts have been credited and/or are due later owing to special agreements and invoicing.


Possible cancellations have to be made in writing and are accepted exclusively under the following conditions: 

5.1. Accommodation (up to 14 people- individual guest) 

5.1.1. Arrangements Cancellations are accepted free of charge if the notification is received by the hotel at least 22 days prior to arrival. If the reservation is cancelled between 21 and 15 days prior to arrival the hotel is entitled to charge 50% of the package rate. Cancellations between 14 and 4 days prior to arrival entitle Rogner International to charge 70% of the package rate. Cancelled reservations made later than 3 days prior to arrival entitle the hotel to 80 % of the package rate. For arrival failure without prior cancellation Rogner International charges 90% of the total amount. 

5.1.2. Hotel rooms Cancellations are accepted free of charge if notification is received by the hotel 24 hours prior to arrival. In case of a later cancellation, or arrival failure without prior cancellation, the hotel is entitled to charge one night of the original reservation. This is not valid during trade fairs or other major events, taking place in the respective hotel's region. In this case a cancellation is only free of charge if it is made no later than 30 days prior to arrival. Cancellations later than 30 days prior to arrival, or failure to check in without prior cancellation, entitles Rogner International to charge the full board arrangement for the period booked. 

5.1.3. Holiday apartments A cancellation is possible no later than 45 days prior to arrival and carries an administrative fee of € 25.00. For cancellations between 44 and 30 days prior to arrival Rogner International charges 25%, for cancellations later than 29 days 70% and for failure to check in without prior cancellation, 80% of the agreed price.


6.1. The hotel's contractual partners, that is, the guest himself or his host bear comprehensive liability for damages caused by themselves or their guests. 

6.2. Use of the rooms by the guest other than indicated in the contract entitles the hotel to terminate the contract without notice, charging the original total amount. 

6.3. If the hotel is unable to fulfil its contractual obligations due to unforeseen circumstances or strikes, it is not liable to pay compensation for damages. However, the hotel is obliged to ensure comparable accommodation and services for the guest. 

6.4. The hotel is liable to the guest according to the terms of the Austrian Civil Code. The hotel's liability towards the customer expires if the guest fails to lock his room or properly safeguard his personal belongings. Guests are asked to deposit their valuables in the room safes. 

6.5. Rogner International is liable for 

6.5.1. accurate description of performances, 

6.5.2. rendering the agreed performances in the Rogner International hotels. 

6.6. Rogner International is not liable for performances rendered by partner hotels of Rogner International (cooperative partners of Rogner International). 

6.7. The guest/host is obliged to contribute reasonable assistance in remedying any disruptions and minimizing possible damage. The guest/host is obliged to notify the hotel immediately of any complaints. If he fails to do so, he is not entitled to make claims. 

6.8. The guest is responsible for his personal participation in any sport and leisure activities and requested to check sports equipment and vehicles prior to use. Rogner International is only liable for injuries occurring at sports events and other holiday activities in case of fault. Guests are strongly advised to conclude a sport related injury insurance.

7. General terms 

7.1. Pets are only allowed on prior authorization by the hotel and with additional charge. 

7.2. Wake-up calls are made by the hotel with the greatest possible care. In case of failure damage compensation claims are precluded 

7.3. Information is provided to the best of the hotel's knowledge but without guarantee. 

7.4. Objects found (lost objects) are sent home only on request and against a fee. The hotel is obliged to store the objects for 6 months after the guest's departure and then may dispose of the objects otherwise. 

7.5. Messages, mail and merchandise deliveries for guests are handled with care. The hotel will deliver, hold and forward such items on request. Compensation claims for loss, delays or damages is precluded. 

7.6. Transport The liability of Rogner International for the transport of persons and luggage free of charge is limited to the company's statutory accident insurance for vehicles. Liability for losses and delays is precluded hereby. 

7.7. Spa taxes /Local taxes Local taxes are not included in the hotel, package and apartment rates.

8. Additional remarks for holiday apartments 

8.1. Extra costs for energy, gas, water and final cleaning are included in the arrangement price (unless otherwise explicitly stated in the price list). 

8.2. The number of occupants must not exceed the occupancy stated in the brochure and the number of adults and children confirmed in the reservation. 

8.3. Pets are only allowed on prior consent of the hotel or if expressly permitted in the brochure. 

8.4. Confirmed arrival and departure times are binding. 

8.5. All visitors are required to use the apartments plus inventory, as well as any common facilities, with necessary care. They are furthermore obliged to pay for damages caused personally or by their company during their stay. 

8.6. The hotel is entitled to request a key deposit fee to ensure return and against possible damages. The deposit will be returned on the guest's departure after checking that the accommodation is properly vacated. 

8.7. On departure, the apartments are to be left clean and tidy. The customer will be held liable for additional costs, e.g. used dishes left behind.

9. General 

9.1. The correction of printing errors and obvious mistakes in calculation without any special notification is reserved. 

9.2. Oral agreements are only binding, if confirmed in writing by the hotel. 

9.3. Place of jurisdiction Place of jurisdiction for any controversy arising out of this agreement and its completion, shall be, as far as legally provided, the location of the hotel's registered office. 

9.4. Should any of above stated contractual conditions be ineffective, it shall not affect the validity of the remainder of the contract. The ineffective conditions are to be replaced by others with similar effect. 

Riferendosi al quadro normativo albanese alla legge nr. 9887, del 10.03.2008 articolo 18 “SULLA PROTEZIONE DEI DATI PERSONALI”, rendiamo noto che i dati rilasciati si raccolgono a fine di registrazione ed analisi.

Tipi di Dati Personali Raccolti 

I tipi di dati personali raccolti includono:

• Generalità, sesso, recapiti del lavoro o casa, la ragione sociale del business, data e luogo di nascita, nazionalità, informazioni del passaporto o della carta del credito;

• Informazioni riguardanti il soggiorno dell’ospite, la data dell’arrivo e della partenza, beni e servizi richiesti, domande particolari, osservazioni riguardanti le vostre preferenze sui servizi (includendo la camera, servizi accessibili richiesti, facilità o alcun altro servizio utilizzato);

• I numeri di telefono chiamati.

• Qualsiasi altra informazione necessaria per la soddisfazione delle richieste particolari (pes. preferenze riguardanti accomodazioni particolari, l’acquisto dei beni e dei servizi);

• Informazioni fornite riguardanti le vostre preferenze di marketing  o la partecipazione ai vari sondaggi d’opinione, newsletter, contesti o offerte promozionali;

Tutti i dati, vengono salvati localmente e inoltre nel nostro banca dati in Austria in forti misure di sicurezza e inoltre sono accessibili solo al personale autorizzato. 

Noi possiamo raccogliere questi dati in vari modi tra cui menzioniamo, le carte di registrazione, le iscrizioni online e inoltre, da parte dei terzi con cui operiamo (tali possono essere pes. gli agenti di viaggio, le linee aereee, gli organizzatori degli eventi o simili).

Occasionalmente, possiamo domandarvi di fornire dati personali per quanto riguarda i terzi (per esempio, riguardanti individui sui quali si effettua una prenotazione). In tali casi, vi affidiamo il compito di avere il consenso dei terzi sulla divulgazione dei loro dati personali, dati questi che noi utilizziamo conforme ai termini di tale Statuto.

Potete sempre scegliere la tipologia dei dati (se ne sono tali) che preferite fornirci. Se scegliete di non fornirci determinate informazioni, questo può comunque interessare qualche transazione comune.

Come Utilizziamo i Vostri Dati Personali  

Possiamo usare i vostri dati personali in vario modo, includendo il contatto personale, mediante i nostri siti Web, tramite e-mail e corrispondenza, utilizziamo i vostri dati personali agli scopi daccordati con voi, o comunque per i fini consentiti dalla legge. In genere utilizziamo i dati personali a fine di:  

• Fornire i servizi richiesti, tali da rendere le prenotazioni più facili, inviarvi la conferma, inviarvi un messaggio prima del vostro arrivo e di fornire altre informazioni sulla zona e l'hotel;

• Fornirvi informazioni su incontri, eventi o celebrazioni in corso e l'accesso su specifici conti d’informazione a fini amministrativi;

• Inviarvi periodici sulla soddisfazione del cliente, ricerche di mercato o sondaggi di opinione  riguardanti l’assicurazione della qualità;

• Inviarvi prodotti, informazione oppure offrire servizi ai nostri clienti, includendo la trasmissione dei vostri oggetti smarriti e trovati (dopo previa approvazione);

• Comprendere le vostre esigenze e dei nostri clienti;

• Conoscere i nostri mercati e migliorare i propri prodotti e servizi;

• Preparare rapporti statistici;

• Sostegno per l’organizzazione degli eventi e incontri;

Potete sempre chiedere di avere accesso ai vostri dati o in qualsiasi altra informazione riguardante.

Informazione della società.

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