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Bamboo Spa & Hammam is a place where a combination of plants scent, warm water, massage therapies, facial treatments and pure organic products come together to give you a truly luxurious Spa experience. At Bamboo Spa & Hammam we offer natural treatments inspired by ancient rituals.  Even a brief stay can give you a deep and lasting relax effect on the body and its sense of well-being.

Our hotel guests can benefit from the free access to the Hammam, only for self-service ritual, with requested appointments.


This is a ritual belonging to the Anatolian culture. The heat inside the hammam warms up the body and softens the skin, allowing pores to open. Through exfoliation the dead skin layer is removed, allowing the skin to breathe. After exfoliation, a massage is performed with Turkish soap. The gentle massage and the aroma of the soap ensures the body is cleansed, soothed and relaxed.

Hammam Therapies Price List


We can offer our clients a large list of different type of massages. Focusing on specific areas our therapist will perform a combination of kneading, deep pressure and starching to release tension, stimulate circulation and increase body flexibility. Usage of aromatic and essential oils brings a soothing aspect to the massage.

Massage Therapies Price List




An aromatic peeling treatment that includes a combination of extracted herbal oils and reach minerals. Sea salt peeling not only leaves the skin silky soft and moisturized, but also ensures cell renewal in the skin by boosting the metabolism.

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Facial & Body Treatments by CLARINS


Clarins Treatments: an exclusive 100% manual Method, high-performance formulas with a high concentration of plant extracts and a unique, sensorial experience every time. In the hands of Clarins expert Beauty Therapists, the skin experiences the pleasures of a personalized treatment: to deliver immediately visible and long-lasting beauty results and well-being.

Treatments by CLARINS Price List




Protect and moisturize your skin with AMALA's  high potency organic plants and custom-distills. 

Amala is the only luxury skin care whose face and body treatments are Nature Certified as 100% natural. 


Organic Treatments by AMALA Price List


It removes dead skin, softens hard skin and shapes and treats your nails. Our pedicure & manicure techniques can vary from type of polish to massage so it's important to find the right balance for you. Using a citrus scrub and a stimulating mint massage lotion, your hands and feet will feel better than ever before. All this is topped off with perfectly applied polish.

Manicure/ Pedicure Price List


We use different type of wax to secure perfectly hair removing and leaving your skin soft and radiant. You can chose between powder, zinc, honey wax or cold wax to feel comfortable during and after waxing session

Waxing Price List


Spend the day in our spa with a treatment, use of the spa facilities or the combination of different services in one package.


Enjoy the time together in our elegant spa suite with our specially designed experiences for two.

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